Forex News Trading: The Latest Marketing Wizardry In The Forex Market

I want to explain to you how so-called News Trading is the latest method devised by the marketing wizards to take your money. The more subtle marketing wizards package it very scientifically. They use impressive looking historical statistics to show how price action unfolded immediately after certain economic data releases. See the pattern, they trumpet, and make money from it. Read more »

Eur/Usd: Heading Up

The pair is rebounding off of a slight pull back and we could see the Eur/Usd move up to the 1.4000 mark this week. Read more »

Proact Traders Forex Trend Direction Charting Software Product Review: Does It Bring Profits?

This is product review is about the Proact Traders Forex Charting Software, this product is designed to help struggling Forex traders to be profitable in the Forex Currency market. The Forex market is a currency trading market where there is a great opportunity to make large profits but it is a challenging market and the reality is that most traders lose money Read more »

Eur/Usd: Trade Of The Day

This morning the news to watch is new home sales. If the number is better than expected we could see a move in the Euro or if the number is worse than expected I think the Dollar could move higher. This is because of risk aversion and traders putting money in the Dollar because it is viewed as a safe haven. Read more »

Eur/USD: Trade Opportunities

The Eur/Usd: is currently at 1.3541 and is looking to challenge the resistance level of 1.3649. The pair just challenged the support level of 1.2500 and if that lower level breaks we could see a target of 1.3423. Read more »

Fed Moves Spark Refi Madness!

The Federal Reserve has done it now. In poker terms, it’s gone “all in.” Specifically, the Fed said this week that it will ramp up its purchases of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Mortgage Backed Securities (MBS) from $500 billion to a whopping $1.25 TRILLION in the coming months. Read more »

How China Could Use Currency as a Weapon

Posted by Bryan Rich on Saturday, March 21, 2009 Under: Currencies “The Views and opinions represented in the provided website links and resources are not controlled by the Referring Broker or the FCM. Further, the Referring Broker and the FCM are not responsible for their […] Read more »

Eur/Usd: The Week Ahead

This past week was a wild ride for the Eur/Usd as the pair had more price action last week than we have seen for some time. This week ended with Euro gains for the third consecutive week. Read more »

Eur/Usd: Euro Explosion Today

The Euro had a huge move today and passed several key resistance levels in a few hours. The pair was reacting to a statement by the FOMC and positive moves in the U.S. stock market. Read more »