Forex Mentors – The Best Investment You Can Make?

Some of the most successful forex traders will often attribute their success to finding a good forex mentor right at the start of their forex trading career. Indeed many of these people would not have become successful if they had been left to their own devices. So should you yourself consider paying to be trained by a forex mentor? Read more »

Forex Trading: Factors That Influence Trading

If the current government's deficit increases, its currency's value will fall. As the government decreases its deficit, the currency can begin to recover value and the exchange rate will become more favorable. The same relationship holds true with a country's trade deficit. If the country imports more goods and services than it exports it will have a negative influence on the currency. Read more »

Mission Trip To Guatemala

I will be going on a Mission trip to Guatemala leaving Thursday July 16, and I will be returning Friday July 24th. I am leading a team from Living Hope Church, in Latrobe Pa. Read more »

Trade on Track Product Review

The idea is that for traders to be successful they must have a trading plan which is true. This software helps traders follow their trading plans by creating a platform where they can analyze their plan and strategies. Read more »

Financial Markets Giving Key Clues On Currencies

The financial markets have been highly inter-related since the current crisis unleashed fear and uncertainty starting in late 2007. And investors around the world went running for the doors ... out of risky assets and into safety. Read more »

Winning Forex Trading Strategy


Every time I say that it is not hard to find a winning Forex Strategy I always get comments and emails saying , it is so hard. I am going to prove that a strategy does not have to be complex to be a winner. I will be trading this strategy this week and we will see how it works. Read more »