Gbp/Chf Daily Trade Setup

There is a trade setup forming on the GBPCHF currency pair, You can see that we have reached daily support several times previously and that price range has held in place on each occasion. Read more »

Trade Analysis Eur/Usd

Hello Traders, I have been so happy to hear some good trading stories lately. I was posting many disaster stories to show you how serious trading is. Now I am going to be doing a series of positive stories to encourage you. So starting soon […] Read more »

What Made Me A Profitable Trader

I got an email from a trader who experienced much of what I've experienced in my journey to become a profitable trader. It was nice to be able to share some of these points with him. I hope this will help some other traders who are having similar problems. Read more »

AUD/CAD Swing Trade

Hi fellow traders! I'm looking at a very nice swing short on the AUD/CAD this morning. Lots of reversal confirmation and a nice 2:1 minimum RR. Read more »