Aud/Usd Buy Zone

The Aud/Usd has retraced and is now touching support. Look for a bounce off of these levels. If the bounce occurs there is a possible target of .9750 .9800 levels. Read more »

Bank Of Japan Trade Plan: Update

Last week I made a trade plan in this post, Read it and see what I proposed. I actually got out when the Bank of Japan attempted to intervene and we had that huge spike above 85. The trade plane worked out just great. Read more »

Relaxing While Trading

I thought i would write up the article on a weekend as it is on a topic which everyone is supposed to be doing over the weekend i.e. Relax !! This might seem a very trivial and boring topic to most but as everyone knows, […] Read more »

Forex Trading Contest Update

Here is a short Video about the Forex Trading platform that we are using for the Forex Trading Contest. Today is the last day of the competition. We will be posting the results very soon. Thanks Casey   Copyright secured by Digiprove © 2010 Read more »

Bank Of Japan Trade Plan

We have a new trade plan that is here because of the Bank of Japan Intervention. It also lines up with Technical analysis. When you get Fundamental and Technical together that can be a profitable combination. Read more »

Trader’s Tech – TechSmith Jing #6

As a trader, I frequently share trade setups and other things with other traders. As we all know, a picture is worth a thousand words, so we need a convenient way of sharing pictures in our chat rooms, on Twitter or in email. Read more »

One more PA Sample

Now, lets analyze this chart. Lets look at the first highlighted portion. Price has broken through resistance. You think thats wonderful and you are itching to go long.but wait!! The candle that broke through the resistance was not a big one. The resistance has been […] Read more »

Possible Trade on USDCAD next week

I was going through some of the daily charts in preparation for next week. One of the charts which caught my eye was the daily for USDCAD. After a good period of consolidation over the last week, it began to breakout on Friday. The first […] Read more »