GBPUSD Getting Ready For A Dip Below 1.6000 Level

GBPUSD has settled nicely in a downward trend and is currently setting itself up for a very nice dip below 1.6000 level. Traders will be currently focusing on selling GBPUSD on rise to some reasonable retracement level and one such level can be seen around […] Read more »

EURUSD Looking To Break Below 1.4000

EURUSD is moving in a nice downward trend and is looking to break below an important 1.4000 level. Once EURUSD manages to break below 1.4000 level, we will be looking at a strong weekly level around 1.3870 and once EURUSD manages to break below that […] Read more »

How to Kickstart any Trading Account

Hey traders, this is a guest post from an expert trader at Rockwell Trading.   He is also offering a FREE trading book that is extremely helpful to traders of all levels. Click here to check out!   Many traders are familiar with position sizing […] Read more »

GBPUSD Getting Back In Downward Trend

GBPUSD seems to be getting back into the downward trend and as predicted two days ago, it has taken a dip from 1.6270 level and has sneaked below 1.6200 level and it looks that it is setting itself up for a move below 1.6100 level […] Read more »

Trade Management: Trading Multiple Positions

Trade management is a weak area for many traders, and can mean the difference between winning and losing in spite of how good a trading strategy is. Although not widely used, trading with multiple positions offers a flexibility in trade management which would be difficult to attain otherwise. In doing this however, it is Read more »

USDCAD Following Short Term Trend

USDCAD is moving in a nice long term trend and after touching the bottom of the long term trend channel, it got up to take the correction and moved a bit above the downward channel. Now it seems to be snaking back into the downward […] Read more »

The Power Indicator Knows Best

Next is the GBP/CHF. If you take a look at it, you will see that it has been trending down for a while and has actually had a recent retracement so this could be a great sign for the continuation of the down trend. Let me show you the chart: Read more »

GBPUSD Setting Up For A Dip Below 1.6100 Level

GBPUSD seems to be setting itself up for a decent move below 1.6100 level and mostly traders will be looking to sell it above 1.6275 level and put initial targets at 1.6100 level. Break of 1.6100 level will setup 1.5725 as next target level which […] Read more »