EUR/USD getting ready to break in upward trend

EUR/USD seems all set to break in an upward trend and follow other major currencies. The traders will be mainly looking to buy it on reasonable dips. The first level for consideration to buy EUR/USD can be seen around 1.4360 level and if the market […] Read more »


Our success as traders is largely dependent on how well we recall past trades, and are able to make an evaluation of our performance and thereby make changes where necessary. Often, as is human nature, we try to forget our mistakes and move on. Ironically, though that human trait tends to work against us in the market. If we can’t recall why we made an error, then it follows that we will be prone to making the same errors over and over Read more »

EUR/USD looking to stay in upward trend

EURUSD seems to have just sneaked into an upward trend and seems to break into a clear upward trend that will really setup the momentum. The traders will be looking to buy EUR/USD on dip around 1.4370 level and will initially be looking to target […] Read more »

Multiple Time-frame Analysis

So let's get started by mentioning the basics of why multiple time-frame analysis is so important. Key levels of support and resistance may exist near your trade, but that can't be seen on the time-frame you are trading on. The trend may appear differently on the time-frame you are looking at than where the longer term trend is really moving. Price may appear to have room to move on one time frame where it is actually qui Read more »

EURUSD: A Truly Technical Outlook

The weekly band of support on Eurusd (see weekly chart below) continues to hold remarkably well, following a pierce- through of the down trendline, and all the way into 1.3820s. The bounce out of that zone sent the pair back up through the trendline, and Friday’s close saw it trying to stay supported above 1.4350, an important level of support which extends all th Read more »

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EUR/USD almost done with upward trend

Although overall EUR/USD is moving in a sideways trend but in short term view, it seems that EUR/USD has almost approached completed the upward trend and will sooner or later take a dip. Currently traders will be looking to sell EUR/USD around some reasonable levels […] Read more »

GBP/USD caught in sideways channel

GBP/USD seems to be caught in sideways channel and for the long term traders, it is very difficult to predict which direction it is going to break in the long term trend. The current sideways range seems to be enclosed by 1.6200 and 1.5850 levels […] Read more »