GBP/USD still in sideways channel

GBP/USD is caught in a sideways channel between 1.6350 and 1.6200 level and long term traders are not getting much opportunity to trade in these markets while the short term and intra-day traders might be finding it full of opportunities and trading using reasonable stops […] Read more »

USD/JPY up and back down

USD/JPY after taking a quick upward retracement has gotten back into downwards trend quickly and that quick move seems to have favored long term traders more than anyone else. Currently traders will be looking to sell USZD/JPY around 78.20 level and capture on the opportunity […] Read more »

USD/JPY seems to be getting back

USD/JPY, as predicted, has taken the expected retrace and seems to be getting back in the downward trend. 79.75 levels seems to be the targeted level and after touching it  USD/JPY seems to have gotten back into the downwards trend. Now traders will be hoping […] Read more »

Video 4:

    This video is about risk to reward ratio. Most people do not understand that even if they win a majority of their trades, they can still end up losing money if this key attribute is not in order. This should be something you […] Read more »

Video 3:

    Hello There!  I hope you guys have enjoyed my video series so far. Today’s video is one I really want you to pay attention to. It is all about Technical Analysis. Analysis is something that often we don’t like to do as traders. […] Read more »

Video 2:

    Hi guys, welcome back to the video series! Today’s video is on something that I believe is absolutely crucial. Without understanding risk management and capital preservation, it is impossible to be a successful trader in my opinion. This video is all about risk […] Read more »

Video 1

Hello, thank you for signing up for my video series. Directly below is the first video in the series: Thanks for watching my video, look out for an email with the next video, because we will be talking about something VERY important to successful trading. […] Read more »

GBP/USD looking to target 1.6500 level

GBP/USD seems to be setting itself for a nice move towards 1.6500 level and might even to break towards 1.6650 level. Currently it seems to be trapped in sideways channel and an important level can be seen at 1.6430 level and once GBP/USD manages to […] Read more »

USD/JPY seems to reach bottom of current dip

USD/JPY has moved nicely in a gradual downward trend and it seems that the current dip has reached its target and sooner or later it will be looking to take some reasonable retrace. USD/JPY seemed to be targeting 76.30 level which it touched once and […] Read more »