EUR/USD in need for a dip

EUR/USD managed to have an extended rise yesterday and it seems that it needs a dip to gather some space and momentum to break above 1.4225 level and challenge 1.4350 level next. The traders will look for EUR/USD to take a dip below 1.4050 level […] Read more »

GBP/USD broken long time

GBP/USD has finally managed to break above 1.6000 level and back into the upward trend. Now all the traders from all time frames will look to buy GBP/USD on retracement dips. One good retracement level can now be seen at 1.6000 which previously was acting […] Read more »

USD/JPY ready for a dip

USD/JPY is moving in a nice downwards gradual trend and is currently providing the Intra-day Traders some very good entry levels. Currently the aggressive and Intra-day traders will be looking to sell USD/JPY around 76.25 level for a tight target around 75.50 level. Although this […] Read more »

USD/CHF all set for a nice dip

USD/CHF is moving in a nice downward trend and all set for a nice dip towards 0.8550 level. The traders will generally look to sell USD/CHF around 0.8850 level for a nice dip towards 0.8550 level. Some traders might look only to target 0.8685 level […] Read more »

EUR/USD broken upwards

EUR/USD seems to have managed to break the sideways range and sneaked into upward trend. The long term as well as medium term traders will now be looking to buy EUR/USD on dips to some reasonable levels. A good buying level in current situation can […] Read more »

EUR/USD ideal for Intra-day traders

EUR/USD seems to have got into a medium term sideways range between 1.3900 and 1.3600 level and this seems to give the medium term, short term and Intra-day traders some very good trading opportunities with some decent profit targets. Although the long term trend still […] Read more »

Why Most Automated Systems Never Work

hese days, there is a lot of hype surrounding automated trading systems. If you are a regular subscriber to any Forex website, you have probably seen ads or received emails promoting trading systems. Every company claims to have the best trading system Read more »

USD/JPY still aiming for break-out

USD/JPY is moving a tight sideways trend which is giving short term traders some good traders but still USD/JPY is looking to break into a long term dip. The long term trader might not be focusing too much at USD/JPY at the moment but still […] Read more »

GBP/USD setting up for another rise

GBP/USD seems to have settled nicely in an upward trend and is looking to gradually hit 1.6000 level during this week. It seems to be providing Intra-day and long term as well as aggressive traders some very good entry opportunities and currently a very good […] Read more »

USD/CHF setting up for a nice dip

USD/CHF seems to be setting up for a nice dip and we might see a good momentum right at the start of the next week. The ideal situation at the moment is that the traders is to look to sell around 0.9050 level and target […] Read more »