RECORDING: How to be a Winner

Today, in a live class, Casey Stubbs discussed the keys to winning. You can watch the recorded webinar below:    Casey talked about some key things during this training that affect life and trading, so be sure to watch it and share it with the […] Read more »

Forex Video Analysis

Watch this Forex Video for a complete analysis of the markets. The Aud/Usd is the first pair we will be looking at in this analysis. Next the Eur/Jpy is evaluated as well as the Gbp/Usd. Read more »

Forex Scalping Techniques

Hello Traders I wanted to follow up yesterdays Fibonacci Forex Trading video with another video that I have been getting a lot of questions about. Today's video topic is Forex Scalping Techniques. Read more »

Video on Placing Stops

I recently did a video on Stops and I just edited it and made a new version. Also people have been asking me how to place them. So here is a video I hope it helps. Read more »