Monday January 20 Eur/USD Trade Setup

Last Weeks Results

I took off Thursday and Friday. Sorry for no warning that I would be gone for those of you following this blog. I won’t let that happen again.

Wednesday Recap – the price went down through the 1.3150 price down to the 1.3026.

I made + 55 pips on the first lot
+100 on the second lot
Got stopped out for break even on the third lot for a total of +155

Week total of +80

Monday Trade Setup

If the price hits the trend wall and goes down I will enter short if it goes through the trendwall I will enter long.

So the setup is this:

1 with a limit of +55 pips and stop of 55 pips
1 lot with a limit of +100 and stop of 75
1 lot with no limit with a trailing stop of 55 pips

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