Monday January 25 Trade Setup EUR/USD

Friday I entered short at a low resistance level. However after my entry the price went back up and I was stopped out of all 3 positions.

Results were
-75 pips
-100 pips
Total – 230 pips

However for the week I was up again at a total of +364, so it was a profitable week. That is all I am looking for.

Mondays Trade Setup
The price is currently in a channel which I have drawn the lines on my chart. I am anticipating the price to hit that channel wall and continue to slide.

So here it is:

When the price hits the horizontal line or the trend wall and then bounces of of that, I will enter short on the next 4hr candle.

I will open 3 lots –
1st lot with a limit and stop of 55 pips
2nd lot with a limit of 100 pips and a stop of 75
3rd lot with not limit and a 55 pip trailing stop

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