How To Trade Forex

I’ve been asked on several occasions how to go about learning how to trade Forex. The first answer that usually comes to mind is to get a good grasp of the basics, without necessarily getting too technical at first. The basics includes learning topics such […] Read more »

How To Identify Resistance And Support

Support and resistance are two of the most widely used terms in forex trading, and we tend to use them loosely, assuming that it is always understood by all. The topic can be a bit challenging for forex trading beginners to fully grasp, so I hope this article will be useful in that regard.There are however important distinctions that need to be made, primarily when dealing with different timeframes. Also, not all low points in an uptrend can be accurately described as support, and conversely, not all highs may be called resistance points. An easy way to identify resistance and support is to draw a trendline from the highest high, or Read more »