Live FX Trading With DTT

Monday’s are usually slower trading days than Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – which proved to be true again this week. In case you are wondering, slower means the number of pips movement up and down. However, there are a couple of interesting currency pairs in […] Read more »

GBPUSD Seems To Target 1.5825 Level

GBPUSD has broken below an important support level of 1.6000 level. It seems that currently GBPUSD to setting itself for a move towards 1.5825 level and we might also find GBPUSD breaking the 1.5825 level and then target 1.5755 level. The 1.5755 level is also […] Read more »

Using Moving Averages To Trade Forex

Overview: Moving Average is a basic mathematical tool that can be used even as stand-alone indicator to trade in the markets but if you mix it up with some other indicators, it can be quite a useful tool. As the name suggests it is the […] Read more »