Trade77, 21st Nov. COT Report

EURO numbers are indicating that Speculators are still net long and the overall sentiment is still bullish for the single currency but as we can see in the chart below, small and big speculators long positions were sharply decreased Read more »

COT Reports, Part 3

Here we are in the third part of these article series and I'm going to show you how we can find market extremes in currency or commodity market. COT Index is a number between 0 to 100 that indicates market extreme and also trend following opportunities. Read more »

COT Reports, Part 2

I'm going to show you two approaches of using COT reports, one is to find the answer of the question:Which of these groups are most likely to be correct? and the other is to find market extremes as I mentioned in the previous part. So follow the entire article and we have got great resource for your trading journey. Read more »

COT Reports, Part 1

We have discussed about how sentiment and emotions works in the financial speculations before, but there is a concern here and it’s about how this sentiment can be changed? Absolutely you know that Forex trends won’t continue forever, so sentiment of the participants must change not to see a trending market forever. With a simple mathematical process in the Commercials and Non-Commercials numbers in the picture above we can find that strange thing in the market very easily. Read more »

Add This New Indicator, Magazine Covers

I’m about to write about our first tool of finding sentiment in the market and it is “Magazine Covers” As you know, magazines such as The Economist, BusinessWeek, Forbes, Wall street Journal, New York Times are very popular and most of professional traders say that these are must-reads. Read more »