Usd/Chf: Shooting Star

There is a shooting star candlestick formation on the daily chart on the Usd/Chf. This candle signal indicates that buyers have temporarily run out of steam on the daily chart. If the current candle closes lower than the previous candle then that would be a great sell Read more »

Possible Short Trade

Hello traders, I am going to keep this one short and sweet. Will leave out the fundamentals of why NZD should be heading south (but there are some good reasons... do your own do diligence). Here is a possible short trade idea on the NZD yen. If you start with the daily chart, take a look at the series of lower highs developing. Read more »

Trade Alert: USD/CAD

We have been pretty stacked to the short side on the euro dollar and pound dollar pairs and you know what happens when we get too heavy with the shorts. That's right, there is a possibility of a short squeeze and shakeout happening now. See the charts at the close of Thursday's session there were MASSIVE amounts of ascending triangle patterns on all the charts and all the time frames Read more »

USD/JPY: Trade Alert Now

I have many confirming indicators to help me in this trade. This is a forex trading strategy that I learned from a forex class I took a while back and it has been successful for me. Read more »