Wednesday EUR/USD January 14, 2009 Trade Setup

Today’s Results:

The downside continues for the Euro and I made up some for yesterdays losses.

I entered short at 1.3275

  • I hit my first limit at +55 pips
  • I hit my second Limit at +100 pips
  • My third lot with no limit is still open

Total for Day is +155 Pips

Tomorrows Trade Setup

The new support is around 1.3155 The Resistance is 1.3300

So this is what I will do If it tops the resistance, I will enter long. If the price goes below the support I will enter short.

Tomorrow’s Setup:

Enter Short with 3 lots at 1.3155

* 1st lot with stop and limit at 55 pips
* 2nd lot with stop at 75 pips and a limit of +100 pips
* 3rd lot with stop of 100 pips with a limit at 1.3005 +150 pips with a trailing stop of 55 pips

Or enter long with the same stops at 1.3300

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