Wednesday January 28 Eur/Usd Trade Setup

Yesterday’s result was I entered 3 lots short after the bounce off of the trend wall.

I ended up getting stopped out on all 3.

The first lot – 55 pips
2nd lot -75 pips
3rd lot break even
Total -130 pips

Wednesday Trade Setup

We are still working with that downward trend wall. However we are in the 3rd day of upward movement so I am looking for that trend wall to be broken so the price moves through that I will trade long tomorrow. If there is a bounce I will be short again. If I buy short I will wait for the RSI to drop some before enter a trade.

Here is the chart:

Setup: 3 lots
either way I will go 3
1st lot with a stop and limit of 55 pips
2nd lot with stop at 75 pips and limit of 100 pips
3rd lot with a stop of 100 pips and no limit but a trailing stop at 55 pips

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