Analysis September 20th

Hi Guys!

Check out the Euro trade set-ups and let us know what you think!

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Sir Mervyn King projects growth in the next quarter after low retail sales this morning. The GBP bulls would love it tomorrow if the 4:30am EST Public Sector Net Borrowing confirms King’s statement.

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  • Nathan, thanks for your daily analysis, this helps traders focus on the big picture. The eurusd has made a strong reversal on the weekly from 12040 right up to 13180 without any significant retracements. Perhaps a retracement to the 1.27 area is likely since the recent rally was the 1st trust up on the weekly

  • NathanTucci

    Hi David, yes I am almost always using the daily charts which I try to mention a few times per analysis

  • Phil

    Hi Nathan , I agree with you the market is quite frustrating to trade right now with no follow through in either direction .
    The Gbp is still showing some strength for now , 163 is still the event area to watch .

  • James

    Thanks very much for the analysis. Great way to start the day watching your insightful videos. Thanks again..

  • Stephen

    Nathan, your daily analysis is practical and makes a lot of sense. Please keep it up. Stephen from Malaysia

  • David

    A good analysis but could you also indicate what time chart you are using? Thanks

  • ben

    thanks Nathan-yes clear trends haven’t emerged yet and so I have just been trading the smaller swings on the 1 hour charts.Like you hoping for some clear direction soon.All the best.

  • sultan

    Thanks for you sharing the analysis

  • Gav

    As always great analysis!
    Thank you

  • Thanks for sharing the analysis, Nathan. It clarifies a lot of the mysteries surrounding price action trading!