15 Min Triangle On GBPUSD

Gbp/Usd is currently trading in a triangle on the 15 min chart. This could be a quick trade to take advantage of if we get a break out of this range. Look at the chart below.

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  • Tularompe

    Casey la es, sístampida puede ser arriba o abajo? Los pipos pueden ser la misma distancia de la apertura del triángulo?
    Un saludo

  • Fzavier

    I am bearish on the breakout as the overall trend is bearish. Could be wrong though. Until market moves its anybody’s guessing game. It goes to whoever has a greater crystal ball. Mine is made in China so I will be cautious 😉

  • Jdeep78

    hi casey…
    normally 15 min chart is for a term term trading rite…..??
    and how can i really make use of the trendline that u have shown to trade….i mean how that TL can tel me the way or trend….


  • There is support at 1.5500 20 pips away and also support about 1.5550 20 pips north. So either way of the break out support and resistance 20 pips

  • Investorthomas

    Thanks for the reply. Sorry, but one other question. How do you come up with that profit target? Is that 25% of the back edge of the formation or based on some fibo level…?

    Casey L.

  • I will be looking for 20 pips but since it is so late at night the movement is slow right now.

  • George

    Thanks for the reply, it’s a waiting game as usual…patience!…be well.

  • Investorthomas

    What would your profit target be for a short term trade like this?

    Thanks in advance for your reply,
    Casey L.

  • Right now I favor long because we are sitting on support but we will see which way the pair will break out.

  • George

    Hi Casey, which do you favor? Short or long?