4 Daily Trade Possibilities

Hi guys, Nathan here with your End of Day Analysis.

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I want to highlight Four different daily trade possibilities in our analysis today. Make sure you leave your feedback on these!

First, we will start with the famous EUR/USD

Right now, the Euro is coming against one of its whole number prices along with a huge area of historic price. It’s not likely that the EUR/USD will cruise through this area, but I do think there is some upside potential here (many people are getting extremely bearish on USD, so we’ll see what affect that has here):




The next pair I think has some interesting potential is the USD/CAD

Speaking of  USD weakness, the USD/CAD looks like it is ready for a pullback, but I would be very aware of the 1.0420-1.0440 area for a continuation of the bullish trend. I am not sure this run is over.




Another interesting pair is the EUR/GBP

The EUR/GBP is very sluggish as you probably know, but there is still a lot of potential here.

Being near the key level of .8600, I suggest keeping your eyes open for a good break to either side and waiting for a good chance to jump on it. This pair could be ready for a good run.



Lastly, the EUR/JPY.


I haven’t touched much on the Yen pairs lately due to their lack of movement, but I believe we have one opportunity on the horizon here.

The bearish move seems evident (though ALWAYS be wary of a break to the opposite side), but there are 3 distinct targets worth noting for those wanting to short.




Thanks for checking out my analysis, feel free to leave your thoughts and comments below!





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