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Good day everyone.

I always mentioned that the Winners Edge Trading is about helping forex traders to learn to trade and i really mean it. Long time readers will know that i am always trying my very best to guide everyone towards forex trading success.

The Koala Just started a new mailing list where he is going to be giving away a lot of free trading tips. Go now and sign up for his list you wont regret it. As a matter of fact I am actually the first one that signed up for his list and I will be following him on a daily basis.

Today i will like to introduce you to my great buddy Geeky Forex Koala. He is a great supporter of Winners Edge Trading and most importantly, he shares the same passion as me. That is to help forex traders to learn to trade. Like me, he had a rough start up in his forex trading journey and now strives to share as much as possible the mistakes he previously made. He is a strong advocate of proper money management and this is a good approach to forex trading. In fact, he has a popular article The Story of a Margin Call. Tom , which explores the horrors of a margin call in a very practical example.

Most of his EUR/USD reviews and forex articles are written in a very simple and light hearted approach which should pose no problems to even the newest of forex traders. Visit him at his website TheGeekKnows.com and say hi to him for me.

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