Analysis October 12TH

Mostly follow-through in today’s market.

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Check out Tony’s article on the U.S. Consumer Sentiment and why the USD isn’t stonger.



Tony’s article on the New Zealand CPI being released on Monday.


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  • omoh

    i always enjoy your analysis, which gives me insight on what to expect and to analyse d mkt. thanks a alot

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Steve, good insight on EUR/AUD… AUD/JPY is looking like a beautiful long right now! You should be up nicely!

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Peter, do you mean the time of day or the timeframe I am looking at?

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Marcelo, thanks for watching and sharing your thoughts! Great pattern on the Eur/Usd as you mentioned! I hope you made some money on that one!!… Yeah, it seems like there is a lot of wedges/triangles in the market on these longer timeframes–the price is converging on so many pairs as they are fighting to devalue themselves.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Joe, thanks for watching and commenting… I see where you are going with the NZD short, however, on the daily chart it does appear to still be in a support zone where it could bounce. I am not saying it is not a good trade idea, but I would just be careful about the bounce potential.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Phil, yeah the CAD has been weird certainly! … We don’t pay a whole lot of attention to the commodities because the US government doesn’t allow us to trade them with any leverage any more…

  • Pupsdad

    Quick question. In your eur/usd analysis you allude to a bullish region of 3250. Isn’t 3175 more accurate as it is the apex of the double top?

  • Phil

    Hi Nathan ,thanks mate great analyisis, Now I know why they call the Usd/Cad the loonie !!

    Do you guys trade commodities like Oil and Gold ? .

  • Joe

    Thanks Nathan. What do you think about a NZDUSD short? I would think it could go to .8033 (100pips+)then maybe another 100? Joe

  • Marcelo

    Hi Nathan, great video. Liked the G/U and specially the odd U/Cad lol. Now i Know why I was losing money on that. Mind if i share some things with you too?
    On E/U, look at hour and 30 minutes charts: head and shoulders forming. Double top already there. Probably will fall down 50 pips before retake the up movement.
    Aud/JPY: look at monthly chart, it is inside one big and so visible equal triangle, and the price now, this channel area shownt on weekly chart, is on the exactly middle of it. You helped me to see that, i hadnt realized it before, so thanks.
    See ya, great week to you too.

  • Peter S

    I find your daily analysis really useful. Why don’t your charts show the time on the horizontal axis? It would be helpful if this was shown. great stuff.

  • Ravi

    I have followed your analysis for a couple of weeks now and must say that I find a lot of value here. I have been basing my trades on it and have met with success. Thank you for providing this really awesome service for free to traders.

  • stevegarcia.

    barely holding on to my Aud/Jpy long from 79.70. i’d like a pullback on the Eur/Aud to around 1.2620 before going long with at least 1.28 in sight. good job sir.