Analysis September 18

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Today: Bollinger Band Strat + Trade Set-ups

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United States Existing Home Sales will be released tomorrow, possibly adding to the U.S. Dollar strength. To read about it, check out Tony’s fundamental article by clicking here.

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  • good video an not just on one thing ,well you no good trading ,the green trader.

  • Brian Nathan uses dailys mainly I think but I am going to see if he can start showing the time frame on the chart. Thanks for the comment

  • richard

    Good work

  • Greg

    By the way Casey, I still miss of Your emails saying “Follow me with my real ttrades” 🙂

  • Greg

    I’m still surprised How powerfull are just the simple simple trading tools :)) Thank You for reminding.

  • Ange

    Always a clever look on the market. Impressive

  • Paresh

    I am a beginner . I am learning about forex trading from your analysis .Thaank you for such wonderful and clear presentation .

  • Sean

    Thanks guys! Great analysis. Is there any way you all can briefly speak on the audjpy pair? Thanx!!

  • NathanTucci

    Yes, I did.. I was too excited about the trades!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks so much, Peter! Glad you are enjoying it

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Joe, thanks for tweeting it. I do like the short of the eur against Cad right now; I think that one has a lot of potential… the AUD makes me nervous to short it against because the AUD has been so weak lately.

  • NathanTucci

    You are very welcome, thanks for checking it out.

  • NathanTucci

    haha Phil, thanks for tweeting! Be sure to check out today’s analysis, where I will reveal the winner!

  • thank you for the good analysis!

  • Joe

    These are good analysis. So I have confidently retweeted it. Also I am shorting the Eur/Cad and am up 50pips now, hopefully the eur keeps weakening.. I am also looking to short Eur/aud what do you guys think. on the analysis side the price has hit a resistance and is beginning to fall. There is also a hidden divergence for the down trend to continue.

  • Very helpfull Nathan, easy to follow analysis thanks, i,m becoming a regular listener. keep up the good work !

  • Phil

    Thanks Nathan , another great and informative analisis , tweeted today’s and yesterday’s Best analisis Ever !!
    Does that mean I get 2 chances at the prize ??

  • Paul Murphy

    Thanks well Done

  • tan

    thanks for this info.

  • nice!!!

  • hey great analysis keep this up very nice clarity of the very crucial levels.

  • stephane

    Nathan, did you forget the legal notice that should be at the beginning of your analysis ?

  • Xoce

    Hello. I just want to say thanks for daily analysis. I think is very
    helpful. Since I have registered I have not missed the analysis . I am a
    beginner so there is a lot of things to learn.

  • prakash

    thank yoy for your great analysis

  • mey

    thanks,, u casey 🙂

  • Bill Johnson


  • ayub hafiji

    great analysis casey. how about opening a live trading room so we can all trade together live? ive tweeted and made you a favourite. hope i win the software. cheers and keep up the good work !!

  • jose

    Hi there
    I have to say the analysis that you guys do is brilliant, a lot to learn from you. Thank you so much, it really helps to organise the ideas and focus on the pair in particular.

  • spklok

    Thanks for the very educational analysis!

  • Deguvnor

    Great work by you guys! I always use B/Bands & M/A plus its called the OZ $ not the ord $!

  • jan

    Thanks, I really find your daily analysis very informative, and have tweeted.

  • Gav

    Twit done. Thanks for the Analysis. Learning a lot from you so thanks again

  • craig

    Hi Nathan. IMO, I also agree that the audusd could come back up a little and test the previous high. Looking at the daily it dropped a pin bar at the 20ema, and COULD pop back up before dropping, if it does drop. Also in regards to the bb strategy, I am familiar with a strategy called band to band move, strong move with little or no a correction, and a nice pa reversal signal, which it did do. It does look as if it could be setting up for a nice short. It also looks like the gbpusd is entering a nice supply zone, and with todays inside bar, could be setting up for a nice short. Enjoy the analysis, have a great evening.

  • Thanks for all the Tweets Guys this is Tremendous!

  • Thanks for the comment Richard.

  • That was an excellent analysis which sets us up for a good day’s trading, but also provides useful teaching, thanks Casey and Nathan

  • Brian Robertson

    Thanks Nathan, great analysis the last 2 days, I’ll continue to follow your commentary. Do you use daily time frame on these videos? Brian

  • NathanTucci

    The prize is very special, Casey, you of all people should know that.

  • keith

    i enjoy the daily update…and will tweet if you want.

  • Thanks for the Analysis Nathan I did what you said, and tweeted the Article, It will be interested in what the prize is????

    Good Job, BTW I am looking at Eur/CAD trade.