Analysis September 21st

Hi Guys!

Check out the Euro trade set-ups and let us know what you think!

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Sir Mervyn King projects growth in the next quarter after low retail sales this morning. The GBP bulls would love it tomorrow if the 4:30am EST Public Sector Net Borrowing confirms King’s statement.

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  • NathanTucci

    Hey Craig, I am definitely thinking that the GBP/USD short trade is a great opportunity… That is one that has a TON of profit potential in my opinion…

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Fred, thanks for watching.. I will try to be more explanatory in my analysis.. I want it to be a good resource of training, so I will work on getting better at that.

  • fred5874

    Hi Nathan, nice overview. As a newbie it would be helpful if you talked more about why you the market will move and what type of analysis are you using

  • craig

    Hi Nathan. Looking over the charts this Sunday morning, the gbpusd looks like it has set up for a nice counter-trend short. Beautiful inv. hammer on Friday and at a key level. Fridays bar looks like a nice setup candle with good RR ratio. What do ya think? Looks too good to resist!
    Appreciate the work you put into this trying to help out your fellow traders, this daily analysis a GREAT free tool.

  • Pete T.

    Again, thank you for this reminder of looking at the longer term charts.
    I have failed to look out at the bigger picture and you describe the reason to do so convincingly.
    I appreciate that.

  • 4XStudent

    Very helpful information. Great analysis presented succinctly.

  • sultan

    Thanks you Nathan

  • Jonah Dickson

    Hi Nathan, Many thanks with your analysis and it as really helped towards my trading this week, great job well done. By-the-way the AUD/USD on the 4HR as form a head and shoulder pattern which tells me its going bearish anyway let us know what you think on Monday, have a great weekend and a Big Thank you once again
    Jonah Dickson
    United Kingdom

  • Dust

    Thanks. I like it as your analysis would coincide to some of the things that I am seeing as well. Lookinf for some nice setups and some banked pip.