Analysis September 26th

Hi Guys!

A few Major levels I want to talk about today…

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Check out Tony’s article on the GBP news release coming out tomorrow morning. Great Britain’s Current Account is expected to show the largest deficit since 2011.

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  • phil m

    Hi Nathan I am a novice paper trading and with your analysis, (which I can understand), I so far have been successfully in making a few pips. You have definitely improve my learning curve. Thank you. Here’s to my future success in trading. Aloha Phil

  • Cazzie

    Hi Nathan. As always I enjoy your views on current situation of the currency markets.
    In my view, I believe the AUDUSD is an Aussie Wave which only happens once every six years.
    I for one have been trading this wave quite successfully.

  • Gav

    Thanks Nathan, Your dedication is admirable and inspiring

  • Geezergar

    You are doing a great job man, keep up the good work. I also do ratio pattern trading, it’s not 100%, but hey nothing is in trading, but i do have more winners than losing trades. I do the rounds of a few analysis sites to make sure everyone is singing of the same hymne sheet before i consider trading the pattern’s setting up. Cheers Nathan

  • GREY

    Hi Nathan always look forward to watching your analysis and thanks for taking the time and your generosity to help us guys learn the ropes .

  • Pete T.

    Yes, this is very helpful.
    Thank you for making common sense of it all. I appreciate that.