Asia Mirror Revival – The Webinar

Forex Strategy, Asia Mirror RevivalWow! The response for our Asia Mirror Revival was overwhelming to say the least. Since we had such an awesome response, we’ve decided not to try to pick 10 subscribers. Instead, we’re going to have a short webinar and then open the webinar room up for discussion. At that point, we’ll select a team (which may end up being larger than we initially intended) and proceed with our plan.

I’m really excited about this project. I’ve heard from some former trading room members that the strategy may be working again on some of the pairs. I hope that as a team we’ll be able to understand why it stopped working and what we can do to tweak it to follow the market and to be able to “predict” when the market change is happening.

How You Can Get Involved

Our plan is to try and revive this strategy and make it profitable again. I’m going to build a team of 10 Winner’s Edge subscribers who can help me with this project. The team will meet via Skype on a certain day and time that works for everyone and we’ll discuss improvements and ideas, etc. We’re changing up a little on this detail of the plan. We’re going to have a short webinar and then open the webinar up for comments and suggestions and see how that goes. The group that stands out in the webinar – regardless of size – will be our strategy group. Since the market is slow during the last week of December – that would be a good time for us to have our webinar. You can prepare for the webinar by doing the following:

  • Study the strategy and understand it.
  • Try it out on a demo account.
  • Try it on different pairs.
  • Understand what parts of the strategy are working and what parts aren’t.
  • Test the strategy back a few years (primarily Winter of 2012 when it stopped.)
  • Decide what can be done to make the strategy great once again.

Each team member will receive a copy of the Asia Mirror EA from several years ago, with some modifications so it can be used for experimentation so we can figure out what works and what doesn’t work. It’s designed to run on the free MT4 platform and can be run on demo accounts. It didn’t work very well with MT4′s Strategy Tester, but maybe we can make modifications to it that will improve its performance.

When we finally get the proper strategy nailed down. I will be rewriting the EA and each team member will receive a copy of the newly written EA with free updates indefinitely.

Our webinar will be Monday, December 30 at 11 AM NY Time (GMT-5). That would be 1600 GMT. If you haven’t already done so, just click the link below to get on the mailing list and you will receive the webinar link via email the morning of the webinar.

Get Involved in our Strategy Team

And please don’t hesitate to comment below.



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