AUD and NZD Still Crashing

The weakness of the AUD and NZD is still blatantly obvious in the Market. Lot’s of good match-ups in the Market because of it.

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  • Paul

    Well done Nathan

    Your anticipation of the GbpNzd was fantastic. I am a little more hesitant as I wanted to see a clear break and daily candle bar close above the resistance (which we now have). So I am watching closely for an opportunity to join you long, up to the 2012 weekly support level around 1.90

    UsdJpy still requires patience, there is a chance it is consolidating at present, building up to a break higher, however like you I would be interested in buying only if price falls first

    I too doubted the wisdom of stating that I didn’t like the short ‘pin bar’ triggers on UsdCad and UsdChf (infact with the benefit of hindsight the Chf provided a risk reward of over three, intraday short on the 1 hour time-frame yesterday), however my plan requires confluence of level & price action, so it is inevitable I will ‘miss’ some good trades, but hopefully also avoid more bad ones!

    I still don’t see an indication of EurUsd moving (far) to the upside at the moment, although there is a possibility on UsdGbp. Hence I remain short EurGbp (with my stops already at break even)

    I’m looking forward to the weekly charts, have a great Friday

  • Cassie

    Thank you for such clear and thoughtful analysis. Sometimes it confirms what I already think, sometimes it gives me an entirely different perspective and food for thought. You have saved me from several “rash” trades by your encouragement to wait for more clarity in the charts.

  • Thanks