AUD Short

I love the potential of an AUD Short Here:

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Questions answered in the Video above:

1. How do you determine when a new trend has begun and what the current trend is?

2. How do you use Fibs since they are relative depending on the time frame? Do you draw them on one time frame but trade them on another?

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  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Hi Nathan,
    I very much appreciate the fact that you always have an open mind and don’t tell us that in order to determine a trend you have to do this or that and then you have your trend … it is so subjective because related to timeframe(s) we are looking at.
    I like the way you draw your Fib levels from the weekly charts. When I watch my daily charts I can immediately see if there’s a confluence with supports or resistances and find high probability set-ups.
    Tks for tip.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul, thanks for the comment and agreement on the trend–glad you are with me there!! Yeah, the EUR/AUD definitely has some work to do before it can really go up, but I think the potential is there. The AUD has been less than consistent, but the EUR strength has proved that it can drive pairs nicely, and it could drive AUD up for a while if the AUD doesn’t gain any consistent strength here. GBP/NZD is an interesting one–always! haha I will take a look at that one and plan to comment on it in today’s analysis. Thanks again for always being here for the analysis and leaving great thoughts and feedback–that is much appreciated!!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Linda, I appreciate the kind comment!!

  • Excellent, educational and just reiterates my thoughts on trending! Thank you.

  • Paul

    Thanks for the Daily Analysis, especially your clarification of EUR AUD potential. It is very good to have the weekend (Friday) daily analysis on the weekly time frame, as we’re setting our selves up for the new trading week

    I like your explanation for ‘the trend being a myth’. If you are a ‘trend trader’ you can look at different time-frames to find a pair that is trending (what ever definition you use) and trade that trend, on that or a lower time-frame. However your strategy does not rely on finding ‘the trend’, just looking at how price has reacted at pre-defined ‘critical levels of interest’ (typically fib levels, and swing high / lows) and watch price action closely at these levels for indications of the most likely direction from that level.

    Back to the EUR AUD, I have a couple of fibs on my daily chart (early Feb and 8th March, both down to Aprils low. They show price retraced either 38.2 or 61.8 respectively, to the 5th April high @ 1.25 62.) Therefore I would wait for a re-test and clear rejection of the low around 1.22 10 or a break and daily candle close above 1.25 60 before I was convinced this pair were going back up to the 1.32 00 zone

    GBP NZD could be setting up for its next leg lower into the unknown, having broken through then retested from below and rejected the recently established new baseline level @ 1.79 50

  • 1do1

    Camtasia Recorder

  • pipcrusher

    weekly h&s sweet, lookin to short that bad boy….we will see

  • pipcrusher

    could be h&s forming on eur/usd

  • naz

    Thankyou very much Nathan i really appreciated this analysis, I gotta hand it to use guys you really look after the people that follow you. I also hope the other guys liked it to.


  • Kevin Chenard

    Nathan, where did you get that drawing tool?

  • karen

    Nathan, Is the online webinar on “how we Trade” available for viewing?
    Thank you