AUD Starting with a Reversal

The Aussie–which crashed all last week–has started off with strong reversal signs, but is this thing really going back up?

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  • bestforex

    Hi Eric,
    Are you trading without a trade setup? If you do, you will let your trading plan tell you when to enter the trade. I experienced this a lot. I would say the market has gone too much down or up and it should now go down and then I take the trade based on that thinking and when the market start going against you, you don’t want to be wrong so you let your losses run until you experience a margin call. You get paralyzed to take action if you don’t trade with a trading plan and wait for your setups. In the beginning you can depend on some other person to do the analysis for you, but eventually, if you want to be successful, you have to trade based on what the market is telling you, not what you think the market should do.

    Hope that helps you. If you don’t have a plan, stop trading and seek out one from a mentor or anyone who can help you come up with your own trading plan.

    Happy trading.

  • Paul

    Hi Nathan

    Very many thanks as always for your much anticipated and appreciated daily analysis publication

    I wondered if you could share your oppinion of Cad Jpy in Tuesdays video and if time up date the Gbp Nzd too, please?

    Personally pleased to see the initial movement of the Aud Usd (as I have been long since last Wednesdays daily ‘hammer / pin bar’ trigger)

  • Eric Lambert

    I wished you could let us know how the Usd yen is doing please and the gbpjpy. Thank you. Also how do we sign into your Twitter intra day feedback area please. I think looking for a buy opportunity in that 100 area is still a good idea what do you think? I am not entering long now until I really see where the usdjpy wants to go first. It may head further south first.

  • Khalid Abdulla

    Thank you for the wonderful Technical Analysis