AudNZD Live Trade

By Casey Stubbs

I was writing an article and Trading this morning and saw an entry I like to look at. It is based on a Forex strategy article that @Nathan wrote a while back. If you want to learn that strategy go ahead and read the article. But for now just look at this trade I entered at the time of publishing I am very close to being stopped out but it isn’t over yet so I am going to post it.

Trade Video below:

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  • Thanks for sharing I hope it works out for you.

  • Thanks for the comments

  • tickup

    I entered this trade also, short from 1.2899. S/L @1. 2940, looking for at least 100 pips.

  • FX trader

    AudNzd trade hit Stop loss. Also attempt to identify setup using your favorite strategy in the free report. However, I observe setup are far and few in between in the current market condition.