Aud/Usd Buy Zone

Hello traders,

Here is a quick update.

The Aud/Usd has retraced and is now touching support. Look for a bounce off of these levels. If the bounce occurs there is a possible target of .9750 .9800 levels.

Look at the 4 Hr chart posted below for details.

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  • Philp_j_andrews

    Hi Casey
    Do you ever trade or even look at usdsek or any of the scandinavian pairs

  • Bilgold1

    Would you please ad the time you you write your forcast, thank you. Because the time i receive your email is 11pm and the AUD/USD has touched the support 0.9640 you mentioned at 7pm.

  • Anonymous

    i like it, i got burned trying to short it on the dip and i keep saying it, ‘why fight the trend’ LOL. just saw an analyst on CNBCWorld predicting 1.03 by the new year…