AUDUSD Continuing to Push… Not AUDJPY

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  • Fabrice Goeyvaerts

    Hello Mike,

    I’ve started to work with Nathan in September 2012. He
    taught me so many good things and showed me in real how to trade profitably. 19
    months later my account is positive (with a lot more winning months than losing

    Nathan is a genuine mentor. He’s not only excellent in
    theory but also excellent when it comes to real trading.

    Now thanks to him I’m autonomous and won’t need to
    copy someone else’s trades anymore (something I tried before without success at

    The Copier (not trading by Nathan by the way) you
    refer to I guess is one strategy not questioning his live trading skills.



  • Paul

    Nice to see you back Nathan

  • NathanTucci

    Mike, I believe you are referring to a completely different strategy.

  • Mike Abh

    Nathan good only in Theory but when in it comes to real trading they always loose every single month. I have copied their trades since Oct,2012 but I ended up loosing from my capital every single month and I can prove it

  • Paul Murphy

    Thanks Nathan good to see you back
    well Done

  • Very good, helpful analysis – tweeted and Facebooked it. Thanks, Nathan.

  • David Israel

    Great job Nathan