Aud/Usd Thursday Analysis

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Another pair with the most active days coming up, those being today and tomorrow.
As seen in the graph, the (Blue) Tenkan-Sen has crossed over (from above) the
(Red) Kijun-Sen showing an downward trend. Confirmed by the crossover of the
MACD (with continued separation) at around the same time (not shown on graph).
The Kijun-Sen Base line is following the downward trend of the Tenkan-Sen as they

both tumble down with this trend. The whole chart has simply crashed through the Kumo from above giving us a nice
downward trend, confirmed by the fact the price is below the Kumo cloud and, in fact, moving away and down.
Now eyeing the 200-day MA line prices tumbled below today as a possible inflection point
on the rebound. Initial resistance is at the Cloud bottom of 0.8916. We may
fade there if prices are clearly rejected by it.
Position        Flat
Price           0.8869
Sell            @0.8963
AUD/USD (All times, unless otherwise stated, are in EST)
The most active days are Thurs (23% TM) and Fri (22% TM)
75% of trends occur between 01:00 and 13:00.
55% TM begins between 05:00 and 13:00
  Mike Griffiths

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  • YankeeClipper1

    Hi Joe, thanks for the comment. To be honest, I had my hands full with the EUR/JPY pair for the last couple of days what with France and Germany threatening to pull out of the Eurozone, lots of upheavals there… I will look at aud/usd on sunday night/monday morning and see what develops

    Keep your eyes peeled 🙂

    Mike aka YankeeClipper

  • joe

    hello Mike, , i'm stuck wth aud/usd when ibought it at 91.58 and next tow days the bearkdown happened let's call black thursday….so any new analysis about aud 4 next week or any advice? my bank is advicing me what position to be taken coz i'm new, the guy who is maneging my account doen't believe in fundementals , he follow's the charts, do u think that's right? do u think this crisis will take the market down like what happend in 2008 or it will be controlled.a lot of questions ,,,, but i'm worried and i'm not familier wth loosing money .