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Hope you guys had a great Holiday weekend, let’s get back to trading:

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  • Paul

    Thank you for your Daily Analysis Nathan

    Its a four day week (in Europe) and being the first week of the month Non Farm Payrolls are published on Friday. On account of this, I don’t expect any significant directional movements in the major pairs this week, although if a set up presents itself I am happy to place an order to enter the market with an expectation of the trade moving (either into profit or its stop on Friday after NFP)

  • Brian

    Thanks Nathan, very well explained and very helpful to traders who lack confidence on where the pairs may go to during the week

  • eric lambert

    Also I am having a problem In putting in my first live trade for this year. I feel like I am being too cautious. I have done demo trade runs after doing my homework on the charts and news and most of them have done very well but for some reason I’m afraid to take my first trade thinking it might be a bad one and then get me too down to want o get right back in there to trade. I’m pretty darn good on my advanced analysis and elliottwave too. I think I’m just afraid the market will go the complete opposite way against me even if I am right on my analysis of the charts. I need a pep talk and confidence builder talk from someone like you Nathan of possible. I like momentum divergence trades and tend line break trades after pullbacks in up or down trends. Momentum signature trades in elliottwave paterns. I mean I am a good technical analyst I’m just worried ill have my first trade be bad and then get me down and my momentum down. But I have had some great trades on my simulation acct though. I look forward to hearing from you. You can call me too if you are able to 703 406 1252

  • eric lambert

    Great info NathanThank you as always. I have a question though actually a couple questions. #1 is can you please explain what and show what a trade setup looks like as far as you how you look for them to then go to the next step of drawing possibly the fibo lines trend line to trigger an entry for a new trade. And identifying current support and residtance