Bank of Japan Hit in Round 3 of QE?

Next Tuesday and Wednesday the BOJ (Bank of Japan) will meet to discuss monetary policy.

Sparks are flying and intensity is high in result of the United States stimulus accommodation. Announced by the Fed September 13th, the Federal reserve will be buying “additional agency mortgage-backed securities at a pace of $40 billion per month”. Read this article for all the info you need on QE3.


In attempt to throw the lasso on the bull so-to-speak, the BOJ may pull out some stops to control the Yen next week.

What Will it Look Like?

For the Bank of Japan to get the results they want to see, they will likely increase their monster monetary easing mechanism, a 70-trillion-yen asset buying/ loan program.

Analysts say the increase could be by 5 or 10 Trillion Yen, most of it for buying government bonds.

If you’ve been looking at the charts today, you’ve this Yen movement. If not, take a look at the USDJPY and the EURJPY.

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