Bearish Week for the GBP

The markets moved nicely this week, including the GBP/USD that made a big Bearish statement: 

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  • Paul

    Thanks for your excellent as always analysis Nathan

    It took all week, but at last the USD JPY moved far enough for me to take a little profit & move my stop to break even. GBPNZD seems to be channeling, hopefully prior to printing an nice ‘short’ trigger candle for us and the EURGBP short trade I have is now open, but in drawn down at the moment.

    Next week watching for any retraces of the xJPY pairs to get long and AUDUSD to offer me a short entry opportunity. I am not sure what the other majors might do, so will be watching next weeks daily analysis to find out!

  • a d

    nathan when will we get the video from your training event on quiet time ?

  • Mohsen

    Thank you for the analysis Nathan!

    I was wondering besides the common pairs that are traded
    widely in the world, what would be your idea toward testing other pairs. For
    example, what’s your opinion about trading AUDDKK? It seems very volatile to

    If yes, could you suggest some good pairs for trading?

    Thank you again.