Ben Bernanke’s Speech and Forex Trading

Ben Bernanke Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve is known as a “talking head”. When the Fed Head speaks, the markets listen.

Currently there are stocks slipping in anticipation of Bernanke’s 4 o’clock EST speech Monday. Forex Trading will also likely be affected today in result of Bernanke’s words. As economists and market analysts around the world anticipate Bernanke’s speech Monday, it may also be wise for you keep your eyes open for any quotes that could move the Forex market.

Ben Bernanke’s speech Monday could set the pace for U.S. Dollar this week and could be a major factor in whether or not the Yen’s weakness continues. The Yen’s Weakness in the Forex Market could continue to three-year lows in the next few months as Japan’s additional easing becomes a reality. Bank of Japan Governor Masaaki Shirakawa may be giving a speech Tuesday that could greatly affect the Japanese Yen.

Ben Bernanke will speak at the University of Michigan today and will likely talk about long term challenges facing the U.S. economy. There will likely be some volatility during and after Bernanke’s Speech. The direction of the volatility in the Forex market will depend on whether or not he is optimistic or pessimistic concerning the outlook of the U.S. Dollar.

One Forex trading scenario that could take place this week is that the Investors who were short on the Yen, that already took profit, could jump back on the trend resulting in further Yen weakness.

At Bernanke’s speech Monday questions will likely be welcomed. Questions often increase the likelihood of volatility in Forex Trading. If you have thoughts on the current condition of the U.S. Economy, please comment below!

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