Book Review: Traders At Work

Traders at work is a book written by Tim Bourquin and Nicholas Mango, which contains interviews of many professional traders. During the course of this interview many of these professional traders share some of their greatest trading secrets and tricks that they learned on their journey to become a professional trader. These professional traders even share many of the strategies that they use to master the markets on a daily basis. This book is for people that wish to learn from those that are actively trading the markets on a daily basis and making a living doing so. This book is for all traders and not just a specific market, because the traders interviewed trade all sorts of markets, from stocks, forex, futures, and options. So no matter what market you trade you will learn from this book. Tim Bourquin does a great job of extracting the information that is most useful to aspiring professional traders.

Here is a complete list of all the traders that were interviewed in this book:
Todd Gordon
Linda RAschke
Serge Berger
Alex Foster
Derek Schimming
Peter Brandt
Rob Wilson
John Carter
Anne-Marie Baiynd
Patrick Hemminger
Don Miller
Charles German
Dr. Andrew Menaker
Brian Lund
Michael Toma

This book complies the stories from a total of 16 professional traders, that will give you hope for your own trading.  Learning to trade is a difficult task and that is why hearing these stories can help inspire you know that if they can have success so can you.

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