Breakout Trade Setup

By Casey Stubbs– Follow Casey on Twitter to see how this trade plays out.

I hope that you see the value of being patient and waiting for breakout trades to develop. The last  breakout trade  I posted on Eur/Aud ran for quite some time.  If you did not participate in that last one check this breakout on the Eur/Usd that has formed on the close of todays daily candle.  I am going to keep this short and sweet. Enter short on the daily close which is 5 pm Est time about 2 hours from now.

The has the breakout in our favor plus it is overbought with trend continuation so this could be quite a good trade.

Take a look at the daily chart.

Trading Breakouts can be quite profitable

Click on the Chart to Zoom up.

I like it because there are several different things lining up in our favor besides the breakout trade. The more factors in favor the better the chances of a positive trade. As always use good money and trade management to maximize this position.


Did anyone catch that last EurAud Breakout and do you traders favor breakouts at all?



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