Breakout Trade Setup

By Casey Stubbs– Follow Casey on Twitter to see how this trade plays out.

I hope that you see the value of being patient and waiting for breakout trades to develop. The last  breakout trade  I posted on Eur/Aud ran for quite some time.  If you did not participate in that last one check this breakout on the Eur/Usd that has formed on the close of todays daily candle.  I am going to keep this short and sweet. Enter short on the daily close which is 5 pm Est time about 2 hours from now.

The has the breakout in our favor plus it is overbought with trend continuation so this could be quite a good trade.

Take a look at the daily chart.

Trading Breakouts can be quite profitable

Click on the Chart to Zoom up.

I like it because there are several different things lining up in our favor besides the breakout trade. The more factors in favor the better the chances of a positive trade. As always use good money and trade management to maximize this position.


Did anyone catch that last EurAud Breakout and do you traders favor breakouts at all?



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  • Dave

    your video was very good i liked your explination,

  • Thayes777

    great call on the euro

  • Thanks for sharing Casey. You called this one

  • Brian Theiler

    good call on this one.  I looked at your email late, but I see it broke out nicely to the downside.

  • Karol

    You were went further down.I have tramline set up.We will see if it holds or go further down.Take care:)

  •  I dont know I sent it yesterday.

  • Bmg25

    How come i got this email only today 04/04?? last email from you was 03/29

  • Puckster30

    I’m getting this a day late. Missed the trade 🙁

  • Pandhitokiwi

    technik different from all the different profit and sometimes tedious

  • Robertt

    Good Stuff Grasias 🙂

  • pedro9

    Breakouts can appear all the time depending on where you place trend lines, support & resistence. This looks an encouraging break as it has built up pressure over several days and europes problems are not going away in a hurry. I am already short from a few days ago and have entered another position. If it breaks 1.2975 – 1.3000 then we may see 1.2500 

  • Matt Barker

    Casey, thank you for this article and suggestion. It looks like a great potential breakout trade. BTW, should I go ahead and wait for the daily bar on my brokers platform to change over before entering or go with the close of the NY stock exchange? I am always wondering about this. Thanks!

  • Ankodevries

    thanks for youre post, break outs are simple and understanding.

    good article, and i  want to get in the trade.

    also usd/jpy is interesting from the commitment of traders report with 100000 longs for the commercials

    Anko from Holland

  • troy

    Hi Casey, I see we’re on the same wavelength. What indicators do you use on your chart?

  • Buster-48

     Thanks for that one Casey,stop about 1.33700 ,do you think ?,do you normally use 1 day candles, sorry for the question im still finding my feet.

  • YankeeClipper1

    Not sure about the time difference/time zone thing… but eur/usd shot down from 1.333984 to 1.321662 in one hour so, well spotted Casey.

    How’s it going IsItCoffeeYet… long time no see

    Yankee… (aka Mike)

  • Bruno

    breakouts trading are highly profitable…only downside is WAITING….

  • Veronica

    As always your analysis is so spot on and easy to understand.  Thanks for always sharing

  • Ryan

    Thanks Casey, already short in this since 1,3340-50 area , looking for add , breakout trade could work
    fine with some money mang.

  • egbe

    am watching out for the brkout too

  • Darryl

    On board with you on thison  🙂

  •  Thanks for the comment Tim lets see how we do 🙂