Bullish on USD/JPY and Bearish on EUR/JPY

Interesting Movements are leaving me Bullish for USD/JPY, Yet Bearish on the Euro vs the JPY.. Here’s Why:

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  • jc

    how do you make it full screen?

  • Paul

    Speed speaking today Nathan
    If you were English I would think that you were desperate to get out of the office for your first pint of the evening

    My CadJpy & UsdJpy trades both looked good earlier on (longs) but less so on the daily closes. Have to see how they fair after NFP is published

    Yes you did explain very clearly your trade management plan on EupGbp even before you confirmed that you had got in long. I was convinced yesterday that you were going to get another win & my short from last week was going to get stopped for Nil, but today’s bar has let me move my trail stop down
    The Jpy hedge Eur short, Usd long idea looks interesting, although I won’t place any order this side of NFP

    I’m beginning to sence a possible long for the GbpNzd that I have been patiently waiting to short, perhaps you could share your thoughts when the weekly bars close?

    Many thanks as always, hope you had a great evening