USD/CAD break and GBP/USD bounce

Hey Guys!


Today, I am writing the analysis, because I have a serious case of hiccups. I tried recording a few times–it wasn’t good.


So let’s take a look at some of the potential trade ideas we have in the Market.




The EUR/USD is still moving slowly and struggling. It has been consistently making lower lows, but has not shown clear momentum in either direction. My plan is to wait for it to react to the next level and look for a trade opportunity at that point.




















The GBP finally, after crashing for weeks made a strong move back to the upside. This could be a possible pullback and then a higher move to test a critical level. Keep a close eye on the GBP.













The AUD is showing very strong continuation toward the upside. Definitely looks like it wants to move up to test the long term trend line that price has been under for quite some time.

















EUR/GBP made a strong multiple day move off the top of the channel we have been tracking. Is there enough momentum now to break out below this channel, or will we see another bounce to contain the EUR/GBP within this channel?















USD/CAD FINALLY broke out of the wedge that was holding it near 1.0300. We could see a strong move now to lower prices, but be careful for the retest move on the USD/CAD.

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  • Paul

    Sorry to hear about your hiccups – hop, hop, hope they’ve all gone now!

    Brilliant alternative, I love your daily analysis
    I have waited for the AUD USD to retrace before getting in long and have totally missed a great move that you have been forecasting for over a week, have a nice long on the GBP USD though, brilliant risk to reward already taken and trailing a stop on a final part, just in-case it gets more upside (unlikely, as my main target was 1.51 50, but you never know in trading)

    looking forward to the weekly overview due out soon
    have a great weekend Nathan & all your followers!

  • Will

    Another cure–imagine you placed a trade based on a good friend’s advice (a forex-clever friend)
    you’re about to place the stop loss when the door bell rings, your good friend has come round for a visit, after a few beers/wines and a great discussion on the unpredictability of Forex, you get a bad case of the hiccups. You go to get some water for your hiccups and happen to glance at your computer only to notice that the market has turned massively against you. If that isn’t a cure the hiccups, I don’t know what is! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Danny

    Cure for hiccups: Have a mouthful of water and try to swallow it in 6-7 times , small amount at a time.secondly, by distractionfocus on something different without thinking of the hicups or someone telling you not to move as there is a wasp behind you….seriously it works

  • Gareth

    Still great analysis as alway’s Nathan ๐Ÿ˜‰ cheers bud

  • Pete T.

    I learned a trick in a bar that gets rid of hiccups…. since then it has been 100% and now a family remedy….I’ll have to share it with you some day ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts this way….nice change up.

  • Joe Kimmi

    Hi Nathan. Thanks for all your comments and info. I appreciate what you do.

  • eric lambert

    Hi Nathan. I just wanted to say that I really appreciate and truly love listening to your daily updates and charts and feedback as it is as good as it gets in my opinion. Ive been trading the forex markets for 7 years and I dont go through each day without including your feedback and charts video along with my other few sources I follow for charts and feedback before making any live trade decisions. I review my charts, your feedback and charts, as well as three other sources just to compare and see if everyone is on the same page and in doing so I then know Ive covered all bases for confirmation and signals before I put in a new position. Thanks once again and keep up the fabulous work that you do. Would love to meet you at one of the Forex shows or conference in the future if possible.

  • John

    Nathan…I love listening to your analysis. I would LOVE it if you could provide this print form as well. Sorry for being so greedy but the combination on a regular basis would be outstanding.

  • Joe R

    Sorry about your hiccups. They can be painful! The USDCAD breakout looks good.