CAD is Flying! Are you in?

The CAD had a huge day today, did you get in a trade?

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  • NathanTucci

    Thanks for sharing, it is a nice pattern. Are you taking it short?

  • gabriel

    Nice looking cypher you got there…

  • geezergar

    Hi Nathan, great analysis, just thought i would share a AUD/USD pattern that has formed on the daily chart. If it pans out, then this would be a great trade to be in on.

  • mal

    Hey nathan good looking out excellent coverage.

  • Ajmeri

    Hello Sai, to get full screen viewing just double click on the charts it will give you full screen viewing.

  • John Hunter

    If the CAD is such a great trade why is it not on the signal service? Let’s face it your signal service could do with a winning trade for a change.

  • As always much appreciated. It would be really nice if your tech guys could allow full screen viewing, it’s not always easy to see the where the pink support levels are. Thanks

  • Hi Nathan! great going, thanks for the updates. I’m just wondering if you and your team could cover gold as well in your daily analysis? Chris ran a good gold setup on the training page. I’m just wondering if we could get a “visual” one as well! haha, just a thought, thanks.

    just a thought, GBPUSD has broken the triangle pattern on the week and month charts. I’ll probably go short once this daily channel breaks with a good bearish momentum!

  • Paul

    Many thanks Nathan, great job

    I was the wrong side of the cad today, but interested in a usd JPY long and eur gbp short, if I can achieve good entry points

    Like you, I couldn’t font any entry in long on the aud usd