CAD/JPY Trade Set Up?

Today, we are only looking at Pairs with potential trades… Like CAD/JPY

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  • michael

    sounds like a good idea

  • Paul Murphy

    Hi Nathan
    i would like the Analysis to be Done on Pairs with Possible Trade Setups
    Thanks Nathan

  • Naz

    I think this is a good idea because nobody wants to just stare at these different pairs. The whole point of the analysis is for us to make money from the opportunities that we find in the market, why not spend time on the pairs that provide us with good setups. Thank Nathan.

  • Matt

    I’d like to see some of the other pairs–especially ones that may be moving!!!

  • Fathi Ibrahim

    hi dear…..your Analysis is excellent. but I have problem to do the trading order because I don’t get your point

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks, Mohsen, I appreciate your feedback. That is helpful to make our service better.

  • Mohsen

    To me, it’s better to know about the coming opportunities.

    Because it would save some time for me and also I would
    receive better analysis to open a position with more confidence.

    Thank you

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Chris, good advice, thanks for the feedback.

  • Chris M

    I like the overall analysis of the major pairs, One specific trade set-up is also good but is always nice to have an overview of the major currency pairs. Since you may not have time to cover that much, I would prefer the daily analysis to be as it used to be.

  • Mohsen

    I saved your professional view as a guideline!


  • Frank G.

    Thanks Jason. As always, excellent analysis!! I personally like and appreciate the new approach. I think it’s somewhat pointless for you to spend/waste your time (and ours) covering major pairs that don’t currently appear to have any obvious set-ups. For me, the brief “to the point” analysis on what looks promising right now, is the way to go. But which ever approach you decide is best is fine by me, because I’ll always be a fan and look forward to getting your perspective on what’s in play.. Best Wishes…

  • Mohsen

    I saved your professional view as a guideline!


  • NathanTucci

    Thanks, Joe, making money is good 🙂

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Richie, cool! Thanks for adding your feedback!

  • NathanTucci

    Okay, Joe, thanks so much for commenting!

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Colin, thanks very much for the feedback, I really appreciate it!

  • NathanTucci

    Alright, Mike, thanks for the comment!

  • NathanTucci

    Cool! Thanks!

  • NathanTucci

    Okay, great, Mary. Thanks!

  • NathanTucci

    Okay, thank you Kevin! (I should check youtube for comments, I never think to do that)…. Yes, the player we use does has some issues, like not allowing full screen. We will work on that..I didn’t realize it did not have a volume control?

  • NathanTucci

    Great, thanks John!

  • NathanTucci

    Makes a lot of sense, John, thank you for the comment.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Ernie, appreciate your thoughts on this!

  • NathanTucci

    Okay, John, good feedback. Thanks!

  • NathanTucci


  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Brian, glad to be helpful!!

  • NathanTucci

    Alright, great to hear Laurus, thanks!

  • NathanTucci

    Okay, great feedback, thank you for the feedback.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks, appreciate your comment!

  • NathanTucci

    Cool! Thanks for weighing in.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Nabih, thanks.. good idea, will think about that for sure!

  • NathanTucci


  • NathanTucci

    Thanks for participating! Appreciate it!

  • NathanTucci

    Great, Jeff, glad to have your feedback.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks so much, Corojo, I appreciate the feedbak and the kind words!

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Eric, thanks so much for giving your feedback on this. I appreciate it greatly.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Sylvester, thank you so much for weighing in on this, it means a lot!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Sherry!

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Oscar, thanks very much for participating! Glad to have your thoughts!

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Eric, thank you for your feedback. That means a lot and I will think about how I can set up the analysis to work and be good for all parties. I greatly appreciate your willingness to be involved.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks, Archie!

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Mohsen, I do not like to “trade against the trend” however I do often look to trade if there is a strong bounce or momentum moving even if it is not with the overall trend.. On these trades, I look to take a smaller “piece” of movement as I know that the direction could certainly turn back in favor of the long term trend. But if price is bouncing with momentum in one direction, to me that is like a mini-trend on its own and I won’t hesitate to capture a piece of that mini-trend if a qualified set up is identified.. I will try to go into more detail about this in the video analysis

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Dave! Glad to have you participate and I am really glad you watch the analysis regularly 🙂

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks, Bamboo, appreciate you weighing in. Glad that the analysis serves a benefit for you.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Rene!

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Kurt, thank you for leaving your feedback, I appreciate you being involved.

  • NathanTucci

    Hi Zoll, thank you for the feedback. You are very welcome! Glad it is helpful for you!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks for the comment, Lily.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Ben, thank you! Appreciate you making a comment!

  • NathanTucci

    Will, thank you so much for weighing in.

  • NathanTucci

    Great, Farah, thanks for the input!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks. I appreciate the feedback, glad that you enjoyed the new style.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks John, I appreciate the feedback.

  • NathanTucci

    Hey Paul. Wow, great feedback.. Everything you said makes a lot of sense, and gives me some things to think about in terms of how I can structure the analysis to best help everyone. Thanks for the consistent feedback, and thoughtful comments, it means a lot.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Peter, I really appreciate the feedback!

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks Johann, That is a great piece of advice.. I think we all–including me–need to expand our view.

  • NathanTucci

    Thanks for the comment, Harris, much appreciated!

  • Harris

    Great idea to focus more on trade ideas
    used to watch your daily analysis just to be aware of what other traders are thinking but with this new development in your analysis i m becoming a fan of Winners Edge
    Keep up the good work, thanks

  • Johann

    Hallo Nathan, I really like this idea of yours, broadens a persons view to look at other pairs as well. I think its a great idea.

  • peter

    In my opinion analysis is better on pairs that are setting up, that in all honesty is what we are all intersted in, how to spot good setups. Thumbs up Nathan ! Keep up the great analysis it is much appreciated

  • Paul

    Hey Nathan
    I haven’t been following your daily analysis that long, but I have definitely found it to be incredibly valuable. Probably more so when nothing is happening. I appreciate the confirmation that my decision not to trade (because I can’t see any ‘obvious’ set ups) is similar to your perspective

    Having said that, I can understand (and the vast majority of comments so far confirm) that focusing on the crosses showing immediate potential movement would be of more interest

    Its great that you are always looking to improve on what you are doing, however I would prefer to keep an eye on the Majors, even if its only to look at the chart and say ‘still between these levels, no obvious momentum either way, lets wait until we see a clear break out of this mini range’

    Someone suggested splitting the analysis, so that those (like me) who do still want to look at the Majors can stay for a ’round up’ at the end (a bit like news broadcast format) where as every-one else can sign off, having taken a note of the pairs to watch that appear to have more immediate potential

    Finally, I do still like EUR GBP short (exactly as you described the ‘break out, test, rejection’), but we are presently too low for an entry and AUD USD long, but again we’re too high for an entry at present. I am long USD CAD, on the break of the 4 hour rejection candle from yesterday (which has only just ‘popped’), it is quite a big stop (55 pips) and as Friday is usually quiet, I don’t expect to see any significant movement in either direction until early next week, but I am in a live trade

    Thanks as always for your selfless dedication and drive to continually improve on the excellent work that you do

  • Will

    I vote for the new analysis .

    Great stuff


  • John Mill

    I appreciate your work and do prefer this new analysis format. good work.

  • Farah

    Yes I like this better.

  • Kuilao

    Sounds like a good plan! It’ll give more opportunity to see price action rather than action waiting to happen. Thanks for your excellent input.

  • ben

    Thanks Nathan-yes I like your new trade format idea-one vote from me.All the best, Ben

  • Lily

    excellent Nathan, good idea

  • Zoll

    Thanks Nathan. Excellent idea to focus on immediate and near term trades. Thanks for taking the time to do the daily videos.

  • Kurt

    I like your your opportunity search. Makes more sense than beating pairs that are flat for the moment.

  • Rene

    Nice Trade analysis

  • Bamboo

    I like the new format. I also enjoy your insight daily and like seeing what compares with my analysis.

  • Dave

    I like the new format. Thanks for the great analysis, watch it every night.

  • Mohsen

    thank you for your good analysis,
    i have learned that just trade on trends, ( for that I use 200 SMA) but sometimes i see you suggest some setups that are against the trends!
    Plz guide me.

  • Archie

    Excellent analysis

  • eric lambert

    Nathan I just got finished listening and watching todays update video for today and as soon as I heard you say that youre skipping the eurusd today I was a bit upset because it really helps me on a daily basis to hear what your take is on what it did for the day and what your thoughts are about the trend direction and where you think it has the potential to go whether it be further downward pressure before bottoming somewhere and then heading back up for a while or maybe if there is some bullish divergence beginning to form on a particular timeframe against price on the charts. Certianly there isnt any bullish divergence against bearish price on the daily or weekly charts for the Eurusd yet but when there werer, I would bet that might be something you would mention possibly. So I welcome your wanting to discuss pairs with setups potentially, but please please dont go away from the way you did things before today because it is great information and it helps me very very much. I also follow gbpjpy eurjp chfjpy audjpy. Please think about it sir because your show before was really just fine.
    Thank you

  • Oscar

    Great idea Nathan; new format would be even better; thanks for your daily analysis

  • Sherry

    I like the new format

  • Sylvester

    Hi Nathan – This format is 10x better. Trade setups is “GPS” to the gold-pot at the end of the rainbow!!!!

    Thanks a stack,


  • eric lambert

    Nathan Ive been following the EURUSD and GBPJPY and AUDJPY and CHFJPY and EURJPY but what has been very helpful to me is having you give your update on the EURUSD even if there is no setup that day for it it still makes feel relaxed just knowing what your take is on the EurUSD charts for that day so I dont go out and do a bad trade mistake on it if its not the right time to do so yet. So while your new way sounds good too, I really wished you would still go over briefly thiose pairs such as the EurUSd and whichever pairs there are that may not have a setup but are in the process of getting to that point eventually for a big trade opportunity which is what I think the EURUSD will be for all of us out there. I also think the EURJPY and GBPJPY and CHFJPY and AUDJPY are going to eventually give us some great trades in the near future whether it be long trades or the short trades which I see coming in the not too distant future once we get the bearish divergence on momentum or macd divergence. Your daily update as it is now helps me very much to be on top of things as far as the EURUSD is concerned. I would certainly love though if you went over the yen cross pairs too though. Thanks for the great work you do sir.

  • corojo

    your work has been very helpful, and the new format sounds even more to the point. presentation skills are awesome.

  • Jeff

    just the current set ups sounds good!!

  • FXDC

    let’s try your new format….should work out…thanks

  • gekkosleftboot

    good idea


    Hi,good thinking it is better to see the setups first then you can do a weekly review for the major pairs,thank you for the good work

  • geezergar

    Hi Nathan, yep, like this style of analysis better mate.

  • mato

    jp, goood

  • Angel

    O prefer hearing about the major pairs, and some profitable ones at the end.

  • Laurus Nobilis

    Thank you Nathan! I do also prefer this new analysis format.

  • Brian

    I prefer the new analysis format. I really appreciate your thoughts and comments. Keep up the good work.

  • Hector

    It has been Great. What about Gold? It has been making huge move. Also, on Mentoring Program do you different System and Signals from your Free Analysis? God bless you. Thank you. Hector

  • Jeroen

    Hi Nathan! Thank you for all the daily anaysis and the new format where you only look at potential trade setups is an awesome idea. A lot better than only looking at the major pairs even if they’re not moving. Keep up the great work!

  • Anish

    Sounds good!

  • John

    I like the idea but would like the more popular combinations (majors) covered too.

  • New is good. Why waste time on a major if it’s not moving. I do like to look outside the majors for potential opportunities. Helping with chart analysis is great no matter the pair.

  • John

    I do like your posts and have been following them for a long time. The focus for most people, including me, is to make successful trades and get good advice quickly so your new style – good. You might want to consider having a second clearly defined section of your post (at the end) where you could mention other pairs. People would have the option of finishing early and/or coming back later to look at developing trade set ups.

  • John Lynch

    The new format works for me.

  • Kevin H.

    That idea is excellent (the new format), there were days that I just shut off the vid because you weren’t talking about anything interesting, I can’t speak for others, but high probability trade setups are what I am interested in. Also the embedded YouTube player that you guys use on your website, doesn’t offer a volume control or a full screen option, I always have to go to the vid on the youtube site directly to get the full player interface. Perhaps it is just my computer, I don’t think so, but possible. I put this comment on the YouTube site also.

  • Mary Wilson

    Potential trades would be very good.

  • tom

    Thanks Mike, you are a great trader and a great man!

  • mike

    Yes is good.

  • mike

    Yeah, I guess is a good idea.

  • Colin

    I do like the idea of looking at the potential of trades this will always help with understanding a method of analyzing the charts

  • JoeR

    I think your idea is worth a try. Focussing on pairs that are doing something and trade-able is better I think.

  • richie bond

    I think focussing on potential trade ideas is good.

  • joe

    I just want trades so I can make money.