CFTC changes How will it Impact Your Trading?

The New Changes will have a dramatic impact on each one of us who have an account with a U.S. Forex Broker. I even am getting my account moved from the U.K. back to a U.S. Account. To help relieve all of the trouble that this will cause we are having a webinar with a licensed NFA professional working for Global Futures. His name is Josh Lampel and he will be explaining to us exactly what this will mean for those of us that trade in the U.S.

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  • Hi,
    The CFTC webinar can be seen here:

  • Dibosh

    I missed the webiner, Is it possible to get a recorded copy…

  • Vampire782003

    GUD DAY!hahahaha….what else can i say…….i’m done!

  • Dr. Qureshi

    Please register me for the webinar.

  • YEs

  • YES

  • Amance

    will this be archived?? I have to work tomorrow….

  • Dave

    You can always count on the gov. to screw things up.

  • Yes

  • Yes

  • Wilson3defa

    Will there be a recording of this webinar? I will be unable to watch.


  • Richard Hooven

    being a west coaster i’m going to assume the webinar listed at 12:00 pm friday is EDT

  • James

    It’s probably a good thing that you stop now. If you can’t make money under the new conditions you shouldn’t be trading. For the rest of us who never win, at least we’ll lose money more slowly. Thank you CFTC, thank you.

  • kibed83

    Looking forward to attending this friday webinar for more info.Much appreciated.

  • jenguy_is_a_moron

    I am sorry too. If it were not for these new rules, idiots like you would blow your accounts much faster and that is a good thing!

  • You are not the only one, maybe you can find a good broker overseas?

  • Jenguymon

    This means i am done . no hedging stops limits, scalping and with the new 50 to 1 forget it. barney the puke homo Frank should be shot for his crimes against us !