Competition Yields Greatness

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This is Nathan Tucci and I wanted to write this article to talk about competition. Lately, I have been hearing a lot about how competition is a bad thing, and there shouldn’t be winners and losers, you can see what this gentleman says in article here:  The Case Against Competition. This type of unreasonable belief has driven us to pay workers equally when one is clearly doing a better job, and allowing both teams to win in little kids baseball. I definitely believe that there is some good in not comparing yourself to everyone, and being proud with who you are—that is a good attitude, but the fact in life is that there are winners and there are losers.. and that is a great thing.


Without competition, what would drive us to succeed? It is because of competition that newer and better technology is coming out all of the time. Look at what the competition in the Automobile industry has created because of the competition between major manufacturers.



 Competition is the reason for such advancements throughout the years. Someone along every line of improvement thought to themselves, “I can do it better.” It is that pride that you really can accomplish greatness that causes greatness to become a reality.

Competition teaches us how to win and how to lose. It forces us to be better. It forces us to become more creative. It forces us to work harder. It forces us to be smarter. It forces us to keep our eyes on the prize.

As Forex traders, especially, we should understand competition–and we should love it. Forex is all about competition; for us to win, someone else must lose and that is okay… They will have another day to beat the competition. But as a Forex trader, you NEED to be a competitor. You can’t be afraid to lose, and more, you need to love to win.

The great Vince Lombardi said, “Winning isn’t everything, but wanting to is.”

To state the obvious, what keeps traders profitable, is Winning Trades! So winning is a vital component of our trading, and we need to really go after it if we want to succeed.

The reason I have been thinking about competition so much is because (if you haven’t already heard) we are hosting a trading competition called the Currency Trader Challenege. I think every trader who hears about it should enter because it can only teach them to be better, and ideally, pay them $2500.00. The competition is a month long, starting Feb 1st and ending the 29th. We are charging 25 bucks to enter so that we can cover the prize, and I highly encourage you to enter.

The great thing about the competition is that you really don’t need to be a professional trader. This is a great competition for beginners and experienced traders alike. It will help give beginners a real trading experience without needing to risk their own funds as the traders are given a demo account to trade with during the competition. It is a great experience to build on as a trader, and because it is a small competition, even a beginner has a good shot at winning. Trust me, this is a much better gamble than playing the lottery 😉

The competition is going to be a lot of fun for those that join. It is all demo trading–you’ll be issued a demo when you join–and we’ll be posting updates regularly about who the top traders are and how much they are making. We’ll also crown the King at our live event, which the winner will get a free pass to. We will be posting the winner’s accomplishment on our website and interview the winner about their success as well.. It should be a great competition, and over 2 grand isn’t a bad prize either.

I hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to get involved in some serious competition. There is also more info on the competition and rules listed on the sign up page.

Click Here to Join




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  • Anonymous

    Hm, Rusty, you make a good point, but you are not seeing the whole picture. In Forex, the only money to be made is the money that other traders are putting in. It is not like stocks, where if a business does well, that everyone can win. In Forex, for you to be making money, other people MUST be losing money. Again, the only money in this market to be taken is from the losses that other people have sustained. There is no 3rd party pumping money into the market for everyone to get a slice; some people make money, and some people get their money taken–that’s it.

    I understand that you may not want to view it as a competition, but the fact is that if you have made money in Forex, it is money that someone else has lost. Because, again, the only money out there for the taking is coming out of other people’s accounts.


  • Grn_side_up

    I can understand how your article is a good advertisement for the upcoming competition. It will truly be a competition. That said, I don’t understand how you can say forex traders need to be competitors . We really don’t compete against each other on a one to one basis. It takes two traders to make a sale. That doesn’t mean we competed and one of us lost. We both could have made positive pips on each of our trades. So, we don’t compete. What we do is become the best we can be as traders. Also, in most competitions I’ve entered, there is usually high emotion. As a trader I’m more concerned with the cold planning and execution of a trade. I never let it enter my mind that when I did well, someone else did not.

    Like I said Nathan. Good advertisement but not a fitting premise.