When the Trend isn’t your friend, Top Techniques for Counter Trend Trading

Most people will tell you that the trend is your friend. But what happens if a reversal is coming, is the trend still your friend? no of course not! So if you trade with the trend when the price of a pair is about to drop you don’t want to go long. You want to go short.

In the video below I show you how I made 30% in one day trading one pair using just counter trend trades. I did this in a live account in a trading room with traders watching my every move, while he was explaining the trades.

The reason I’ve been trading this aggressively is because I am actively participating in a trading competition. At the end of the video I show you the current standings of the competition.

Watch the video below and leave a comment on what your thoughts are on this type of trading and on counter trend trading in general:

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  • David

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  • Ferdinard

    Quitting binary option and pausing your trading with the markets basically because of recent failures? Well I was at the verge of giving up but on the other hand I understood that giving up wasn’t an option. Only then did i meet my breakthrough, I meet this professor of mathematics whom offered me all I needed whom I now consider to be my mentor. Thus giving me directions an focus and today I have device a means which has earned me so much profit beyond my imaginations. Well if you are faced with same challenge, here is your breakthrough. With a very small investment, you could make a great fortune…the secret isn’t far fetched. If you desire this breakthrough feel free to connect with me: inbox or email me [email protected]

  • Clint, appreciate your comment, IF you have any feedback at all from Winners Edge Trading please let us know.

  • Thanks Tim, This has been a great time you should sign up for the next one….

  • I will reveal it soon thanks for watching

  • Thanks Tony, Glad you enjoyed it, if you have any questions let us know.

  • Clint Benge

    Great video Casey, can’t wait to get in to the fast track stuff

  • Tony H

    Hi Casey
    Thank you for the video, i missed first half of the room yesterday, great to understand your method. Keep up the great work in the comp.
    Regards Tony H

  • Tim C L

    I’m even impressed with the 3rd place at 47%. Casey I like your confidence. That custom orange/red indicator certainly gives you an advantage. Focus on overtaking and achieving 1st place, Thx for sharing and all the best.

  • mirza moeed Bakht

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  • mirza moeed Bakht

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  • mirza moeed Bakht

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