Critical Levels in the Market Today

The Market is Still at some Critical Levels Today

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  • Paul

    Thanks Nathan
    I think it is often difficult to trade ‘longer term’ in the four days up to NFP. Then on Friday, if you are already in you usually find out quite quickly that you are in the wrong or right direction. Your trades will either have hit their stop loss levels or have moved in your favour to lock in some profits. The Aussie I feel is a great example of this. Those of us that see the current level as supportive will be in, or be.looking to get in long. However those who see the recent down trend momentum as sufficiently strong to break the support and move lower will be looking to get in short. Both have seen sound ‘entry trigger’ candles printed on the daily timeframe recently.
    Personally I’m looking for a long position, but all will become clear by the end of the week

    Thanks again

  • Richmond Flowers

    I appreciate your big picture at the end of the day. Especially after a day buried in minutia. Great chance to sit back and look at the forest!