Do you need $2500?

By Casey Stubbs — Casey is the Founder of Winners Edge Trading

Ok, so that is a silly question, of course you need $2500 because I know I sure do, I bet you are no different. However I know that for some people $2500 could make a dramatic difference in their life.  So that is why I am pleased to announce the Currency Trader Challenge.  We have put together a great opportunity for you to help you practice your currency trading and also to win some money. The contest begins on February 1st and the winner gets a $2500 trading account from Arrowfield Trading.  Please don’t sell your self short the chance of winning is truly in the realm of possibility. We are a small trading company so there will not be that many participants. This could be the easiest $2500 you ever had a chance to take home.

Plus  there are other benefits to joining the traders challenge:

  • We are giving a free trading indicator to all traders that participate in the trading challenge.
  • Get free invitation to our live training event.
  • Get crowned King and win a plaque at our live training event.
  • Win $2500

I can’t wait to see what happens and I think you will enjoy this competition, have fun and lets trade!

Register here to pay the $25 entry fee

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