Daily Analysis 11/12/12

EUR/USD is at a critical level! Keep an eye on it!

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  • wayne

    That is for someone new who want to have analysis sent to their email everyday and if you want to view the video again just refresh the page.

  • wayne

    Reply to Nameless…I have been following Casey & Nathan for few months and i can vouch for them that they are reputable traders running a honest service. If you think you can find other free service which do not need your email and better analysis than Casey & Nathan than good luck to you.

  • James

    Excellent comment from Nameless….. why do we have to submit our email again?

  • Nameless

    if you can not view the video without resubmitting your E-mail, then it is not worth getting twice the amount of E-mail from you to hear your video message!

  • Phil..

    Interesting Nathan, I’m trying to get my head around shorting the Euro against
    the Usd and long on the Eur/Gbp. the technicals
    might line up but it is hard to rationalize the physiology when in the trades.
    Is it hedging ? could they both work out at the same time .

  • Will B.

    Great analysis! Thanks for your insights and dedication.