Daily Analysis, June 24th

Hey everyone!

Nathan is out of town until next week, but Chris just did some great analysis!! Check it out!

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  • Chris Svorcik

    Thank you Kriss. very glad to read that you enjoyed the Forex analysis! Wish you Good Trading!

  • Chris Svorcik

    Thank you Karen, I truly appreciate your feedback and am very glad to read that you have enjoyed the daily analysis. New video is coming out soon 🙂 Good Trading, Chris

  • Kriss

    Thanks Chris, very good and IMO better presented than Nathan.

  • karen

    Thanks Chris, very interesting and new ways to think about pairs

  • Chris Svorcik

    Hi Nish, we sure can. I have put it on the list for the analysis today. Thanks for the feedback, Chris

  • Chris Svorcik

    Thank you Peter. Glad that you enjoyed it and happy to see your feedback.

  • Nish

    good analysis if you can please cover AUD/JPY Thanks

  • Peter

    very interesting Chris, thanks